Get ahead of the curve. And by curve we mean winter.


It’s not #RealWinter yet, at least not here in Canada. But because the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting absolutely everything this year, it’s actually a wise idea to consider your winter needs right now. Yes, even though it’s still warm enough to eat dinner outdoors keep your windows open at night!

Why? Well, two reasons.

1. You’ll be outside more than usual.

    Because it may be too risky to share closed, indoor spaces with people over the winter months, having warm winter outdoor clothing will be crucial if you want to have a social life somewhere other than Zoom. You know… walks in the snow, outdoor sports, more walks in the snow… maybe another walk in the snow… yeah. You get the idea. 

    Let’s just say, you’re going to want to keep warm. Last year’s thin wool coat or that five-year-old polyester-filled jacket might have been good enough to get you to the grocery store and back in winter 2019, but it won’t cut it for the demands of 2020.

    Of course, this is going to be true for pretty much everyone. Which leads us to point #2…

    2. Shipping is going to be a beast. (And not a cool, badass beast like, say, a lynx. Just a big annoying stinky one that gets in the way of things.)

    What do you get when you combine the sudden need for people everywhere to update their winter outerwear wardrobes, plus the impending holiday gift shopping season, all at the same time, while delivery services are already operating at top capacity? You guessed it… shipping delays! 

    Listen, this is nobody’s fault. It’s just the way things are right now. All we can do is plan ahead and be patient. (Seriously, something we ordered in March just showed up last week. Good thing it wasn’t urgent.)

    But that means you actually do need to plan WAY further ahead than usual. Ordering a winter coat when fall only just started may seem awfully early, but this is not the year you want to take any chances. 

    While you’re at it, order one for your best friend, your mom, your teenager, or your sweetheart. Or all of the above! While some folks will be forced to stay home to keep warm, your loved ones will be zipping up their cozy new Lynx coats and getting out there to enjoy the winter. You’ll be getting a jump on holiday gift shopping, and they’ll love you forever because you picked a gift that will help them stay toasty throughout the cold season. Everybody wins!

    Yeah, it so happens that the sudden demand for warm winter coats works out nicely for a fledgling Canadian winter coat company like us. But honestly, we just want all of us to get through the winter in good health—free of frostbite, hypothermia and illness. 

    We’re here to get you well equipped to connect with your loved ones, safe and warm. Share a little #LynxLove starting right now.

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