Don’t fear winter. Get out there and live in it!

Lynx creates top-quality Canadian winter wear with exceptional value. As a social entrepreneurship business, Lynx is committed to giving 10% of our profits to anti-poverty initiatives in Canada to support shelters and food banks. As well, we make sustainable choices that impact our communities and neighbourhoods. We support local talent; we source all our materials from Canadian companies, and our design and manufacturing is done in Canada.


Our mission is to keep you warm. Our coats are premium Canadian-made winter wear with unparalleled value designed for your real, everyday life in #RealWinter. 



Lynx is the only Canadian-made winter wear that offers premium quality with unparalleled value.

  • Real: Our products are made for real winter, for real people. We’re not trying to sell you a glamorous mountain vacation, a rugged adventure or urban luxury.
  • Canadian: Lynx coats are made in Canada and designed for Canadian winters (and beyond!). Canadian quality is superior and made for some of the toughest climate conditions in the world. Lynx is your winter shield! 
  • Caring: Everyone deserves to stay warm. We want to keep you warm, and we also want to extend that warmth to people who are down on their luck. So we donate 10% of our profits to support Canadian anti-poverty initiatives, such as homeless shelters. 
  • Sustainable: Lynx products are made with fabrics and techniques for long-lasting wear, reducing fast fashion waste. Because we want to stay warm in today’s climate while also making sure we avoid contributing to climate change for the future, we’ve also made the conscious choice to keep our manufacturing in Canada to minimize shipping impacts and respect Canada’s stringent environmental regulations.
  • Traceable and ethical sourcing: When it comes to the use of animal products, we understand that sanitation and animal welfare are important issues. Our down is a by-product from sources ranging from large-scale abattoirs to independent farmhouses. Regular and rigorous audits are conducted for factory cleanliness, down purity and internal traceability. This traceability process ensures that our original sources have adhered to standards that protect animal welfare and ensure the consumer receives a high-quality product. Down from live-plucking and foie-gras sources is forbidden.
  • Practical: Lynx coats are packed with practical features so you can live your life and be confident and productive while you wear them.
  • Warm: Lynx high-quality coats will keep you warm so you can be outdoors for your everyday winter activities. 
  • Versatile: Lynx coats can be worn in temperatures from 10°C to -25°C.
  • Real value: We price our products for people who want to buy premium Canadian-made coats with exceptional value.