Keeping Canadians warm (not just with coats)

Here at Lynx, we’re a social enterprise. We believe that everybody is connected. When we’re successful, we want to share this success with the support systems that help the most vulnerable people in our community. 

What does our social commitment look like?

One of the ways we keep Canadians warm, beyond down-filled winter outerwear, is by donating 10% of our profits to food banks and shelters all over the country in the cities where customers have purchased our coats. This helps give our business a strong purpose and gives our customers a way to make a positive impact directly in their own neighborhoods and communities.

Since our founding last year, we’ve had customers in cities all over Canada. That means we’ve given to the Vancouver Food Bank, Winnipeg Harvest, Moisson Montreal, and, in Ontario, the Mississauga Food Bank and Etobicoke’s Daily Bread Food Bank. This season we are set to give to shelters and food banks in Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Edmonton. 

Under COVID-19, this support has become all the more urgent.

Right now, shelters are operating in a crisis mode with higher demand for food and donations. Some are referring to the increased need for shelters as a “shadow pandemic”—a result of the viral pandemic that not everyone is aware of. 

As well, food banks have seen increased demand for several reasons. Many people are in quarantine or need to stay home because of existing health concerns that make them extra vulnerable to COVID-19. This means they need food delivered to their homes. As well, there’s a shortage of both donations and volunteers, all for reasons related to the pandemic. 

In this most difficult year, every little bit counts. 


For us, giving back is part of our larger commitment to supporting Canadians.

At Lynx, we source our products from Canadian businesses, manufacture our products in Canada, and design our coats to be premium quality garments made for Canadian winters. Our foundation is based on using local expertise, following Canadian environmental regulations by manufacturing in Canada, and reducing our carbon footprint by buying from local businesses. Supporting Canadian anti-poverty initiatives is directly in line with this entire value system. 

Anytime you buy a Lynx coat, you’re helping out. And that help gets more and more significant the more we grow as a small business. 

Thanks for being on board with our mission to keep you—and all Canadians—nice and warm this winter! 


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